About Us


WorkNgage (as detailed out in this website) is available in the SaaS (Cloud) as well as in-Premise mode. The product is exceptionally strong in handling diverse and unique policies in leave, time and pay and in handling the special needs of organizations in the Region. Key strengths include employee self-service via mobile devices, shift scheduling and management, built-in HR and workforce management best practices and the ability to extend for unique situations.

Staffing Digitized

The products focus is to provide a comprehensive coverage of all the key digital areas of automation that staffing companies need – Applicant Tracking, Customer Relationships, Candidate Relationships, Staffing Operations and Billing. The detailed features are tuned to the detailed business processes that staffing companies need, as opposed to what end user companies need - thereby delivering a relevant, contemporary and fully mobile ready user experience for recruiters and operations staff of staffing companies.

Kallos Solutions

Kallos Solutions owns KServe™HRMS – a full suite HRMS product that is modular yet comprehensive. The product is available on the cloud on a SaaS as well as Inpremise (or Private Cloud) usage. The company’s exclusive focus is on the HRIS and Workforce Management space, and has provided services to companies in over 10 countries including US, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand apart from an exclusive focus on its home base – India. The SaaS model is typically opted by companies in the SME’s space and the in-premise/ private cloud/ consulting model of deliver is opted by larger customers like QuessCorp and Indorama Ventures. Kallos has deep domain knowledge of the use of HR and Workforce management across many industry verticals in services as well as manufacturing. Over a period of time it as also built a range of frameworks and tools that are used to accelerate the speed, quality and performance of its products and related services. Kallos has also started a new product line called StaffingDigitized.com meant exclusively for the Staffing vertical globally.