Shift Management Software

WorkNgage Shift management software is designed with hourly workers in mind, it offers best-in-class workforce scheduling for complex scheduling challenges.

The focus of shift management software is not just in defining and tracking attendance and timings based on assigning shifts. The emphasis is also on making the communication and friction that occurs prior to the shift easy to manage, thereby ensuring that operations stay productive at all time. Employees and supervisors can view their shifts in calendar forms. While setting up shifts one can upload shift details from spreadsheets for many periods. Employees can make a request to modify shifts from their portal and supervisors can view and approve the same. Employees can also make shift change requests via their mobile phones.

Benefits of using WorkNgage Shift management software

  • Improve workforce efficiency

    Use historical information to better predict demand, optimize shift assignment for employee schedules, and track labor costs with automated workforce scheduling.

  • Boost Employee Engagement

    Streamline communication processes between managers and employees. Get immediate responses with mobile texting. These features ensure workers are at the right place at the right time.

  • Increase Productivity

    Managers can add or approve shift changes on the go. With automated employee scheduling, managers can also enable employees to view their own schedules, manage availability, and seamlessly trade shifts–on any device.