Singapore (SGD)

Thailand (Thai Baht)

Other Asian countries (USD)

Price per employee

100 (Flat ) + 2 (PEPM)

2300 (Flat) + 45 (PEPM)

75 (Flat) + 1.5 (PEPM)

E.g. A company with 50 employees in Singapore would be charged at 100 + 2 * 50 = 200 SGD per month, payable on a quarterly basis for subscription

Consulting and Support

Free - 20 hours of remote consulting

Unlimited phone based support during subscription

USD 20 (SGD 30) per hour for additional consulting

Minimum subscription is for 3 months

15% discount for annual subscription

Do contact us for the following special situations

Bulk discounts (more than 300 employees)

In-premise/ private cloud options

Unique & important adaptations that are required

Multi-language/ country handling

Partnership inquiries and special partner discounts