Leave Management System

This Leave management system enables Leave Management related processes online - for employees, supervisors and HR. This saves considerable amount of time for all concerned directly improving productivity of the workforce. In addition, it brings transparency and accuracy in the entire leave process. It also reduces the period end stress in ensuring that the leave policy and time policy defined are followed during leave processing.

The Core leave back office application is included in the core module. leave policies, eligibility and crediting details and these can be used to process leave by period.

Benefits of using WorkNgage Leave management system

  • Accurate and Precise Information

    With an online leave system, you can access more accurate details about an employee’s leaves, leave trends, the number of leaves and balance leaves instantly. It becomes a single step procedure versus manually flipping through records and registers and putting information together.

  • Creates leave policy awareness

    The system can convey leave policies pertaining to the minimum or maximum leaves permissible, a number of days necessary before applying for a long leave, holiday calendar management as per location, etc. Employees can access this information at any time.

  • Encourages Discipline

    Since this is a transparent system that complies with local labor laws and company policies, both managers and employees can easily understand the system without misunderstanding.

  • Adherence to the law

    An online leave management system enables employers to adhere labor laws governing employees.