Biometric Integration

In many organizations biometric data is not used after the initial interest, while in reality it should be the basis by which time, leave and payroll is determined. Unfortunately, it is not used because of the sheer volumes involved. By having intelligent exception handling and good user interfaces, most of the work is automating enabling true usage.

Raw attendance can come in either from biometric devices or from check- in/ out features provided. Biometric devices can be integrated either by extracting data directly from the biometric device data base or from the text files which have the values. Suitable integration tools have been provided for easy integration to any device type as long as the output is available for further processing. The data is processed as per the attendance policies of the organization to determine the initial day status for the employee for each day.

Benefits of using WorkNgage Biometric Integration

  • No Proxy for attendance

    External device Integration or biometric attendance system enables to eliminate staff proxy attendance.

  • No manipulation of data

    By using biometric attendance, staff cannot manipulate their attendance and leaves record just to earn extra money or holidays and this device easily keep a track of staff activities.

  • Lower cost

    The biometric device is not so expensive. It is affordable so that it can benefit to most of the organizations.

  • Reduces payroll error

    Attendance and leave management are the part of payroll system and this biometric system reduces an error which comes at the time of generating salaries.