Absence Management Software

WorkNgage Absence management software gives you back control. Increase your understanding of absence-related problems and you’ll have business operations running more efficiently in no time.

Most organizations have different types of leave and time policies. The large volume of time and attendance data makes it difficult to apply these policies especially when they are unique across organizations. By providing a configuration and rule based approach only exceptions need to be managed automating the process and also providing valuable insights to improving presence.

Attendance Policies related to shift timings, working hours, late coming or overtime are configured either as regular shifts or multiple shifts. Shift allocation can be loaded and modified multiple times prior to the actual date. Based on the policies the values applicable to the employee are processed automatically, determining values like late, absent hours, early leaving, early hours, overtime and day classification into half/ full/ short present. Regularization and Attendance Clearance related features enable employees, supervisors and HR to determine actions to be taken for exceptions (e.g. Single Punch, Punch in on Holidays etc.)

Benefits of using WorkNgage Absence management software

  • Accuracy of data

    With absence management software everything is accurately recorded all in one place.

  • Easy holiday management

    Staff have access to their own holiday planners and self-manage leave requests. Managers can approve or reject leave requests at the click of a button. Managers can avoid leave clashes and effectively cover key staff shortages.

  • Clarity and consistency

    With one system accessible by all staff, central policies on annual leave and sickness can be communicated with clarity and consistency.

  • Increased productivity

    WorkNgage Absence management software cuts down administration, reduces the risk of human error, and provides effective real-time information about staff absence.